An open mike for Einstein

Yesterday the European Space Agency launched a new satellite: called LISA Pathfinder, its role is to pave the way for the ambitious LISA mission by conducting crucial tests of its technology.

LISA stands for Laser Interferometer Space Antenna and basically is an open mike for Einstein, who imagined the universe as a very lively Sunday market, where people go by or bump into each other, they salute by a mere gesture or take time to exchange about their condition. Much in the same way as the market conveners can talk softly or loudly, if at all, the universe is filled with tales of stars grazing each other, exploding, fusing into one, falling into black holes or witnessing them merge in an even stronger monster.

The convener of this universal market is not Sunday, it’s gravity: so LISA will listen to the story gravity has to tell. The stories that this exquisitely sophisticated microphone will be sensitive to sound like this symphony.

If listening to it makes you want to shake your body a bit, I invite you over to this other post of mine, where I describe gravity as the dance of space and time.

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