Gravitational Waves Comic

I’m beyond happiness in sharing a project I had been dreaming of doing with Phdcomics for more than three years: now it has finally taken shape!
Many thanks to Daniel Whiteson, too: it was great exchanging about physics across our spacetime separation 😉

I’m too excited now to say anything more than enjoy!

For those who want to pause on the very nice art that’s distinctive of Jorge Cham, you might want to head to his website where you can take a look at the comic version of the video.


After such a long wait I was already very satisfied with the animation coming to fruition. Three weeks after its public release the video has been watched 2 million times and the comic has been downloaded by more than a million people. These numbers keep surprising me as they grow and are beyond the wildest imagination I could possibly have when I partnered with Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson to realize the project.  

Beyond the digits what I am truly surprised of is its spread among different cultures and languages. The animation has been translated into many languages as either video or comic or both: Chinese, Hebrew, Hungarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and soon German, too. We’ve been asked for permission to share, repost or comment by tv, radio and journal outlets in Austria, China, Italy, Iran, Latvia and the US, beside those that happened without our direct involvement.

This is really an amazing example of science reaching across borders and I’m very happy to have contributed to such a wide dissemination of science among the public.


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