You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much in the last couple of years. After producing the animation on gravitational waves, I have refocused my career from science communication and outreach to teaching.

In the past academic year, I successfully attended the International Post Graduate Certificate Course that Durham University jointly offers with the International School of Geneva.

The days preceding the end of the year ceremony, I felt inspired and composed these few rhymes about what the course represented and what teaching means to me. I dedicate them to all my fellow teachers colleagues and the students with whom we are entrusted.

“It was dense, it was intense

To become a teacher, it makes sense

A scientist, a psychologist

A librarian, a technician

A physician, a mathematician

Creative, normative

Adaptive, reflexive

A friendly face,

Who works with pace

Who’s there for all

Waits them in the hall

Knows their names

Soothes their pains

Organizes, improvises

Preaches and teaches

Values and lessons

With words and in person

A talker, a listener

A giver, a believer

A dreamer, an entertainer …

It is dense, it is intense

To be a teacher, it makes sense”

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