Dear visitor,

let me introduce myself: my name is Umberto Cannella and I was one of those kids who want to know how things happen in Nature. Fast forwarding to my last year in high school I learned that wires conducting electricity can either get closer or move away from each other, moved by an unseen attraction. This is when I realized that the invisible reality was as rich as the one before my eyes, if not richer.

Curiosity and passion brought me to study and do research in physics. The more I explored the natural world, the more I found myself as Alice in Wonderland and felt that the marvelous variety of physical phenomena had to be shared with everyone. So I opened this blog to write about physics’ charm and relevance, accompanying technical details to emotions and rhymes. I then decided to switch gears to become a science popularizer and a school teacher. 

If you are interested in my complete curriculum vitae please refer to my LinkedIn profile.
Last but not least this is how I look like 😉


7 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Richard,
      thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.
      I’m glad you resonate with the style and content of this blog: feel free to suggest topics and/or more views.
      Talk to you soon,

  1. Ciao Umberto,
    God bless you, please go on sharing with all of us your gifts.
    Grateful pucci

    • Ciao Giuseppina,
      sono io che ti ringrazio per aver voluto lasciare un messaggio!
      Mi fa molto piacere che ritrovi assonanza con quello che scrivo: è qualcosa che sento, più che qualcosa che so, ed è per questo che condividerlo mi dà gioia.
      A presto,

  2. Grazie! Sono come un sordo che cerca di ascoltare Beethoven e cede solo muoversi gli strumenti musicali. .. senza la traduzione in volgare non avrei mai potuto gioire di questa grande notizia!

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